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  • Cassadee Pope Splatter Pose T-Shirt
    Item #: BGCTP104
    T-shirt in grey features Cassadee Pope "Frame by Frame' print horizontal a Splatter Pose.
    • $25.00
  • Cassadee Pope Wasting All These Tears T-Shirt
    Item #: BGCTP105
    T-shirt in cream features Cassadee Pope print over a Cassadee Pope Wasting All These Tears T-Shirt graphic.
    • $25.00
  • Cassadee Pope Filmstrip Hoodie
    Item #: BGCMP101
    Unisex full zip hoodie in heather grey, features Cassadee Pope print on one side of chest with Cassadee Pope Filmstrip graphic in black and white on the other.
    • $50.00
  • Cassadee Pope Dateback T-Shirt
    Item #: BGCTP101
    T-shirt in black feature Cassadee Pope print below a black & white photo with 2013 tour dates listed on the back.
    • $30.00
  • Cassadee Pope Photo Babydoll T-Shirt
    Item #: BGCTP102
    Women's babydoll t-shirt features Cassadee Pope print vertical a Cassadee Pope Photo.
    • $35.00
  • Cassadee Pope Bars Tote
    Item #: BGAMP102
    Canvas tote bag in black features Cassadee Pope photo in a 'Bars' design.
    • $15.00
  • Cassadee Pope Rubber Bracelet
    Item #: BGAMP101
    Black rubber bracelet featuring a Cassadee Pope logo on it.
    • $5.00
  • Cassadee Pope Electronic Gift Certificate
    Item #: BGGCP1CERT
    Forget a birthday? Put off your holiday shopping till the last minute like the rest of us? This Cassadee Pope electronic gift certificate is the perfect gift to send your friends and family so they can pick up their favorite Cassadee Pope gear. Available in $25, $50, $75 and $100 increments.

    The recipient will receive a customized email which will inform them of the gift and provide their account number and instructions. You will be able to set a delivery date for the gift email during the check-out process.

    Terms & Conditions
    • $25.00